My Story

How it Began
The idea of lasers captures people’s attention, I think we can all agree that from early childhood this has been true. When I first heard of the Zerona laser, I was watching Dr. Oz on CTV and he introduced it as the “miracle machine for fat loss”. He went on to describe it as nonsurgical, non-invasive, with no downtime. Immediately I knew this technology could help a lot of people who struggle every day with the arduous, time-consuming, mind-consuming challenge of cutting fat. Out of curiosity, I started doing more research to see where Ottawa residents could get a treatment and found that it wasn’t available in Ottawa. There were some other procedures that sounded much more invasive; procedures that kill and destroy fat cells, which at first glance sounded like a great solution except that our bodies have a propensity to store fat. That process of storing fat; in and of itself is actually a very natural process but if your body no longer has the original cells where it tends to store fat; your body will, in fact, find other places to put it, which can sometimes lead to disproportionate and grotesque fat deposits in worse places than your abdomen. It was at this point that I realized; this is what set the Zerona Laser apart in this industry, the scientists and physicists who developed the Zerona knew that destroying fat cells should not be the answer. I had to learn exactly how it worked.

Low Level Laser
In your body, there are little fat cells called adipocytes- These cells have one job, and that is to store excess energy in the form of fat. These cells contain tiny membranes, sort of like a water balloon; and when the membrane of the cell is punctured by the wavelengths of the Zerona Laser, it enables the cells to release its liquid stores of fat into the surrounding tissue without destroying the cell itself. Because the contents of the fat cell are released; the overall volume of the cell is dramatically decreased resulting in inches lost.
But the story doesn’t end there. The emptied contents of the fat cell end up in the extracellular space of your adipose tissue where the body can easily pick it up and use it or push it through your lymphatic system to get rid of it. While exercise is always encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle, you don’t need to exercise for the fat deposits to dissipate and be expelled from the body however if you can exercise your body will more quickly extinguish the fat cell contents, creating more muscle mass which will help you maintain your new shape.
Hydration is likely the single most important habit you can adopt on this journey because it is water that helps carry the fat away, and its water the greases the entire engine that works to lubricate a healthy body.

The Road Often Traveled
As I read more and more blogs and reviews, it became evident that over a million people in North America have had the treatment and the results are conclusive; body contouring is a safe and easy way to reshape your body and cut fat. I was starting to get the idea, but the more I learned the more intrigued I became. I felt empowered by the simplicity of the procedure and was confident that there was merit in the technology. Health Canada approved the use of the laser in 2012, so I knew the regulatory aspect was in check. While the procedure is widely known in the United States, it is only recently that the technology has been introduced to Canada, so I saw that there was an opportunity. I had wondered what it may feel like to be under the laser, not just the procedures themselves- but the psychological and emotional outcomes from reshaping your body through a process that doesn’t require endless hours of sweat and exhaustion?
I had to be sure I could endorse the procedure from a first-person perspective. I took a leap of faith and invested in the first Zerona device in 2014 but it wouldn’t arrive for 11 months. I knew what I had to do. I committed to gaining fat for 11 months and then use the laser to cut the fat once it arrived. I was going to be my first client.
When I started my experiment to gain fat, I had a 34” waist. I was never one to overeat or live a sedentary lifestyle, in fact unlike some people gaining fat was not necessarily easy for me. I reflect now on how different we all are, and how disheartening it must be to easily gain weight. I was overeating with the intent to be less healthy and that itself was stressful but I knew I had to add inches of fat to my waist, chest, back, and sides so I could legitimately experience the process on my own. This was so important to me because I knew I would face naysayers and skeptics when introducing something that seems too good to be true.
The blunt reality is; food is delicious and we live in a society abundant with calorie and fat rich foods on every corner. There was no challenge finding something rich in fat and carbs to shove down my gullet. And over the course of only 11 months, I gained 8 inches total and my waist was 42”. In November, my Zerona Laser arrived and it was time to document my voyage.

Tried Tested and True
The months leading up to the arrival of the Zerona Laser, there was a lot of training and education that I had to complete in order to administer treatments effectively. I set up my first office at the St. Vincent Hospital. I was set up and ready to go, and my first client was ‘yours truly’.
Most other operators of the Zerona laser administer 6 treatments as recommended by the manufacturer and so as outlined by my training, I too, underwent 6 treatments. One of the oddest experiences I can recall is lying there and feeling nothing as the lasers monotonously spun round and round. I was thinking to myself, “Is anything even happening?” I think we’re so conditioned to associate the idiom “No pain, no gain” with any endeavor in life that as I lay there I was having some doubts.
After my 6th session, I did, in fact, see some noticeable improvement but it wasn’t where I wanted to be. My research told me that others had a similar experience so I added another 3 treatments onto my program. This is what made all the difference. At the end of my 9th treatment, I lost a total of 10.5” of fat on combined measurements. I knew 9 treatments was 3 extra sessions than most operators administer but I also knew that the results left me confident, and happy with myself. I wanted others to end their journey with the same feeling so I concluded that I would offer 9 sessions rather than 6 and more importantly after crunching some numbers I decided I would offer those 9 sessions for the same price as other operators charge for 6.
Fast Forward to today, Global Laser has expanded. Our head office is located at 1877 Merivale Rd 2nd floor Nepean Ontario. We operate six Zerona lasers and take couples bookings as well. Our franchised locations are in Pointe Claire and Laval Quebec. Call us today to book your free consultation!

My Story Can Be Your Story
We are all so different and that’s really a beautiful thing, some of us work out religiously but have a thin layer of fat that the Zerona can target. Others have battled fat for years and tried everything to get ahead and it hasn’t worked; the Zerona is for them as well. Some of us have disabilities and exercise is not an option, the Zerona laser can help those people as well.
The fact is, technology has finally come to a place where our understanding of human anatomy and function empowers us with new ways to reach our goals. Whether you want to kick off your fat loss journey with a head start or you want to target that last persistent layer over those abs you’ve been working so hard on; the future is finally here and my story can be yours.