How to Lose that Last Layer of Body Fat

  • January 12, 2019 at 3:17pm
  • by John Piché
How to Lose that Last Layer of Body Fat

How to Lose that Last Layer of Body Fat

4 things to consider...

Hitting The Wall

We know it hasn’t been easy getting to where you are. We also understand that maybe where you are now isn’t exactly the finish line you had in mind. When you train to lose weight and gain muscle, your body goes through an amazing onerous transformation- watching what you eat and keeping track of what you burn becomes second nature. However, if you’re like thousands of trainers who have ‘hit the wall’, you’re probably feeling defeated by that last thin layer of body fat; that last bit of watery fat hiding your 6-pack and just ever-so-slightly protruding over your waistband.
As experts in body contouring, we first and foremost want to congratulate you on your triumph and success thus far. Make no mistake, your tenacity is truly remarkable. We’re also here to tell you that this stubborn, unrelenting layer of body fat that just won’t give; is not invincible. In fact, it might be more defenseless than you think.

You Started With Help

Look back to that moment when you decided to take your health seriously. Every trainer knows that moment. For some it crept up on you and blossomed into a lifestyle, for others it was a red door you had to stand in front of for ages before you finally pushed your way through, and for some, it was the result of a life-changing wake-up call. No matter what prompted the change, we’re happy you took the plunge. But did you do it alone?
According to Fitness Magazine, more than 95% of new trainers get help in some form or another. Maybe it was a friend who inspired you, or a blog that motivated and educated you, or maybe you hired a personal trainer to kick off your routine. No matter how you started out, we’re 95% sure that you had some noteworthy assistance.
That’s the great thing about a life-changing experience like the one you embarked on ‘x’ number of years ago: you were not alone. No matter what journey’s we take in life there are always angels along the way. People who happen to be in the right place at the right time, just when you need them.

You Can Finish With Help

The good news is that now, so close to your goal, you’re not alone. That last layer of persistent, immovable body fat can be addressed with a new kind of help.
Diet and nutrition coupled with exercise will get you the rest of the way, do not doubt yourself. While it may feel like you’re near the end of your journey when you look in the mirror, the hard fact is that this last layer of body fat may actually mark the halfway point from the perspective of training hours.
Low-level laser therapy can dramatically expedite this process with 9 simple, painless treatments spread out over two months. This technology is the ultimate fat-cutting tool that you can’t find in your local gym- at least not yet. The Zerona laser brings to you a powerful, painless way to dry up that last layer of stubborn belly fat with remarkably quick results.
Of course, we know, like most dedicated trainers you aren’t looking to stop training. That’s the great news about global laser treatments; they will work on their own but even faster when coupled with the right training methods.
Most professionals recommend HIIT training: a metabolic booster that cuts into those last stores of body fat. There are so many benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training as outlined by our colleague’s at KRX Fitness that we can’t ignore how amazing it works in conjunction with Low-Level Laser therapy. While low-level laser therapy painlessly slices the membranes of fat cells releasing the cell contents into the adipose regions of the body; HIIT training pushes blood into those Adipose regions and due to the high-burn environment created by HIIT conditioning that fat cell content is easily utilized. Not only will HIIT and Low-Level Laser Therapy work together, you’ll experience more energy than ever before.

All Roads Lead to Rome

When you started your fitness journey, did you know it would be a long one? Chances are if you didn’t have a good idea to start with; it wasn’t long before you realized it was going to be a long road. Think back to those days when your clothes didn’t fit right, sitting down was uncomfortable, and tying your shoes was a chore. The fact is you soldiered on, and now here you are- so close to the end of the road.
At Global Laser, we’re offering you the first real short-cut ever realistically possible on this expedition. It has been available all along, but it is now that you may need it more than ever, and it is now that you can appreciate what we’re offering.
We don’t doubt that you can get there without our help- you’ve come this far after all: this is just a helpful shortcut. However, in the end, all roads lead to Rome.


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