Lymphatic Massage

  • August 6, 2018 at 2:38pm
  • by John Piché
Lymphatic Massage

Why Lymphatic Massage is Part of your Global Laser Experience.

Well as you recall, in October we posted a blog article explaining what the lymphatic system is and illustrated (Quite humorously I might add) what the lymphatic system has to do with fat management in our bodies.

The lymphatic system is a complex network of organs including tonsils, adenoids, spleen and thymus, as well as nodes (You know, those little bumps you feel under the skin, on your neck, in your armpits and around your groin?), and numerous ducts and vessels. This entire network is part of the body’s immune system.

Now that the fat cell has a hole in it, the fat can run out, right? Well yeah, that’s the idea, but fat doesn’t just flow as easily as other liquids in our bodies such as red blood cells or plasma. It’s more viscous and thick so we have to help get it out of the cell. That’s where the T-Zone Vibration Plate Machine comes in. This machine emits very high frequency vertical micro-vibrations that helps shake the fat out of the cell and into what is called the ‘interstitial cellular regions’. (It just means the area outside of the cell)

Once the fat is here in the interstitial regions, we learned in the Global Laser blog post “The Lymphatic System in Laymen’s Terms” that it’s the Lymphatic system that picks up unwanted fat for disposal. In addition to the “clearing” functions of lymph, it’s also the body’s major fat-processing system. Lymph carries fatty acids to the liver (our main fat burning organ) for further processing and metabolism.

This is where lymphatic massage comes in. A lymphatic massage helps push the fat from the interstitial region of cells towards the lymphatic system. It’s sorta like how you get that last little bit of toothpaste out of the tube; moving it in the direction you want it to go.

Lymphatic massage has a lot of great benefits and the lymphatic system runs the entire length of your body, much like your circulatory system. Lymphatic massage can help everything from relieving headaches to reducing allergy symptoms. In the case of Global Laser lymphatic massage, it’s important because our primary goal is to move that fat along from the interstitial tissue to your lymphatic system and then off to your liver to be processed and removed.

Fat is not bad, in and of itself it serves many important processes in our body. An excess of fat is what can be bad for us. Some people chose a violent method to tackle the issue of excess fat, such as liposuction. In some cases (and in our opinion only the most severe), liposuction is the best option. But it comes with great unnatural risk to your body. At Global Laser one of our key principles is that your body doesn’t deserve to be punished and mutilated to address excess fat, your body needs to be respected and carefully nurtured and painlessly guided to release fat in a way your body can naturally process it. Leaving you intact, whole, and fully functioning as nature intended it, long after treatment.


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